Advocate Santosh Mahato
Advocate Santosh Mahato
Advocate Santosh Mahato Partner

Santosh Kumar Mahato has amassed a wealth of experience across various facets of litigation, including civil, criminal, commercial, and constitutional matters. With a career spanning since 2003 as an advocate and a law graduate from Tribhuvan University, Santosh is a legal luminary known for his proficiency in navigating the intricacies of the legal landscape.

Santosh is revered as an expert litigator, particularly renowned for his profound understanding of writ jurisdictions and constitutional matters. His clientele comprises prestigious entities such as corporate houses, banks, financial institutions, and airline operators, reflecting their trust in his legal acumen.

One of his most notable achievements as a public litigator was his vital role in opposing the formation of the Royal Commission on Corruption for Investigation and Prosecution during the reign of the then King—a case that is imprinted in the archives of Nepal's judicial history.

Beyond his courtroom triumphs, Santosh demonstrates a deep commitment to legal activism, particularly in environmental issues and juvenile justice. His impactful petition to the Supreme Court of Nepal resulted in an order mandating the government to establish a committee to study and recommend regulations for the use of plastic bags—an initiative with far-reaching environmental implications. Additionally, his advocacy played an essential role in the establishment of the Juvenile Court, which is an evidence to his dedication to judicial reform.

As an esteemed member of the Supreme Court Bar Association, his proficiency in presenting debt recovery cases underscores his versatility and comprehensive legal knowledge. His illustrious career, commitment to justice, and diverse legal contributions makes him a highly regarded figure in Nepali legal community.