Advocate Suraj Shrestha
Advocate Suraj Shrestha
Advocate Suraj Shrestha Partner

Suraj Shrestha is a distinguished law graduate from Tribhuvan University, who has been serving the legal profession since 1999 as a dedicated advocate. Suraj possesses exceptional skills in drafting meticulous tax case documents and presenting persuasive arguments. His extensive experience and proficiency makes him an expert in taxation laws.

His main specialization is managing tax litigations across a diverse range of sectors, catering to the needs of the esteemed clientele. This includes banks and financial institutions, Insurance companies, multinational corporations, manufacturing units, service providers, and local business establishments. His ability to navigate the complexities of taxation law and deliver effective solutions is a testament to his dedication and expertise.

In addition to his prominent presence in litigation, clients frequently turn to him for his invaluable legal opinions within the sphere of direct and indirect taxation. His expertise in providing well-reasoned and comprehensive legal opinions has not only benefited the firm's standing but has also empowered the clients to navigate the complexities of tax law with confidence and clarity.