Advocate Narayan Nepal
Advocate Narayan Nepal
Advocate Narayan Nepal Partner

Narayan Nepal has been a prominent figure in the legal profession since 1997, establishing a commendable command over tax laws, corporate regulations, and the intricate landscape of legal disputes. His substantial experience and profound comprehension of these domains render him an invaluable asset to the firm.

Narayan's academic journey led him through both graduate and postgraduate studies in commercial law at Tribhuvan University, solidifying his foundation in the field. His commitment to knowledge-sharing is unwavering, as he consistently contributes to the legal community by delivering enlightening lectures and imparting wisdom through classes at a variety of seminars and training programs.

Within his pivotal role, he assumes responsibility for overseeing not only tax advisory services but also the intricate realm of tax-related litigations. This comprehensive approach ensures that the clients receive unwavering support and expertise for all their taxation requirements. His proficiency extends seamlessly into the realm of courtroom litigation, where he distinguishes himself through meticulous documentation, compelling arguments before the bench, artful drafting, and the provision of sound counsel to esteemed clients.

His extensive portfolio spans a diverse spectrum of clients, ranging from multinational corporations to local businesses, effectively illustrating his remarkable versatility and unmatched effectiveness in addressing a wide array of legal challenges. His dedication and expertise exemplify the core values of the firm and contribute significantly to the clients' success.

Recognizing his profound wisdom and expertise in the multifaceted landscape of Nepalese law, he served as a distinguished member of Nepal Law Commission from 2020 to 2022. Throughout his tenure in this prestigious role, his contributions were invaluable to the process of shaping and refining legal frameworks. His profound insights and legal acumen were instrumental in identifying outdated laws and driving forward essential reforms in Nepal's legal and policy landscape.